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Office for Telehealth Education Launches

During the past five years, a collaboration between the South Carolina AHEC system and other partners has resulted in the creation of a robust telehealth network (SCHOOLS) capable of delivering educational programs to health professions students, healthcare providers, patients and community members across South Carolina. Thousands of individuals have taken advantage of the educational content delivered via multiple technologic modalities. In addition, the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance, of which the South Carolina AHEC, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, Greenville Health System, the Medical University of South Carolina, Palmetto Care Connections and Palmetto Health are founding partners, has come into existence in order to encourage statewide collaboration among providers in the delivery of health care, education and research. The establishment of the Telehealth Alliance has increased the need and opportunity for statewide telehealth initiatives and education a

Pee Dee AHEC Hosts Korean Global Competency Development Students

Pee Dee AHEC hosted a two-week shadowing experience with ten high school seniors and their instructor from Youngnak u-health High School in Seoul, South Korea. These students were a part of the Global Competency Development Program, which allows students to participate in a three-month program in the United States through the South Korean Department of Education. The program encourages high school students to pursue technical skills acquisition in order to obtain employment after graduation. Each year, 40 different school groups are sent abroad in search of global experiences. Youngnak u-health High School specializes in health information technology. While in Florence, these students participated in health information technology classes, medical device labs, and English classes at Florence Darlington Technical College.   As a part of the curriculum, they attended tours with GE Healthcare and McLeod Hospital in Florence to deepen their understanding of the concepts they were lea

Lowcountry AHEC Coordinator Serves the State During Disaster

The South Carolina State Guard recently assisted alongside the National Guard in support of local law enforcement securing areas and distributing supplies to the victims of the "1000 Year Flood" in Columbia, Mt. Pleasant and Kingstree. Deb Pressley, Lowcountry AHEC Continuing Professional Development Coordinator and 2LT Lieutenant with the South Carolina State Guard, worked with B Company, Third Battalion, Third Brigade for five days to bring help to those in need.  The state guard is an all-volunteer state organization trained to respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery.  Lowcountry AHEC was also presented with a letter of recognition for their support of 2LT Deb Pressley by the State of South Carolina, Military Department, South Carolina State Guard.  Thank you Second Lieutenant Deb Pressley for your service to South Carolina and those in need.

World Diabetes Day 2015

World Diabetes Day, observed every year on November 14, is part of a year-long campaign to reflect upon the realities of people living with diabetes. On November 13, Upstate AHEC, in collaboration with the Greenville Health System Diabetes Education Department, will sponsor the 2015 World Diabetes Day Conference.   The conference will be held in the Robert Coleman Medical Staff Auditorium at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Physicians, registered nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, certified health education specialists, health educators, mental health professionals, social workers, licensed professional counselors and therapists, and interested others are invited to attend.   Participants will learn skills to help people with diabetes overcome the emotional and behavioral obstacles to living well with the disease.    This unique World Diabetes Day will focus on a holistic approach to diabetes management by educating and rejuvenating the a

South Carolina Prostate Cancer Education Project Study Published in Journal of Cancer Education

In 2013 and 2014, the South Carolina AHEC partnered with the USC Arnold School of Public Health to host a full-day community-based prostate cancer education conference. The partners’ efforts allowed prominent experts and prostate cancer survivors to share information and personal insights with community members across the state through telehealth education technologies supported by the South Carolina AHEC. The conference, which included information about prostate health and screening, prostate cancer and clinical research, was tailored for African-American participants because African-American men are more likely to develop and die from prostate cancer than other populations.   In particular, there was a need to bring this education to South Carolina since our state ranks among the highest in the world for mortality from prostate cancer. Thirty-two participants were mailed copies of the conference material and surveyed to review and evaluate the educational program. After the

AHEC Happenings: Upstate AHEC Sponsors SCNA Conference

Nita Donald, Upstate AHEC HCP Coordinator, left, and Jennifer Walker, Upstate AHEC Distance Learning Director, proudly showcase the center’s booth at the recent annual convention of the South Carolina Nurses Association (SCNA) in Greenville. Upstate AHEC was a sponsor for this year’s SCNA meeting and training.