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Upcoming Programs: November & December

NOVEMBER November 1 Critical Care Basics Upstate AHEC November 2 Maintaining Balance and Mentoring for the Busy Health Professional  Mid-Carolina AHEC EMS Case Presentations: Neurology Cases Statewide Videoconference  November 3 Differences Between Addiction, Physical Dependence, Tolerance, Abuse and Pseudo Addiction Upstate AHEC November 4 Preceptorship: Setting the Tone for Excellence in Healthcare Lowcountry AHEC Bullying in the Workplace Upstate AHEC November 5 Health Minister and Faith Community Nurse: Domestic Violence in the Community Lowcountry AHEC  November 7 Mindfulness Practice and Application Pee Dee AHEC November 9 Hemodynamics Monitoring - ICU Lowcountry AHEC Hemodynamics Monitoring for the Step Down Lowcountry AHEC November 10 PCCN Certification Review Course Lowcountry AHEC Advanced Stroke Life Support (ASLS) Mid-Carolina AHEC Adult Physical Assessment Mid-Car