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Honoring Julie Ghent’s Legacy

Julie's family and team members from Mid-Carolina pose for a photo next to the plaque
The Mid-Carolina AHEC team and members of Julie Ghent’s family were extremely touched when the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine--Carolinas Campus (VCOM) recently honored the late Mid-Carolina AHEC Health Professions Student Coordinator during their annual awards ceremony for third and fourth year medical students and preceptors. Julie passed away due to complications from COVID-19 in January. 

Dr. Matthew Cannon, Dean for the VCOM Carolinas Campus, and other faculty members recognized Julie’s tremendous contributions to the training of medical students in our state. They dedicated a bridge on campus in her honor, with a plaque that reads:

"Julie was a “bridge” for many students who navigated from the classroom to clinical rotations in Lancaster, South Carolina. This bridge was not made of wood, but love and compassion for each student that crossed her path. Julie, a selfless student advocate, represented all that is great about our mission and the care we will give to our patients."

Julie’s husband, Joe Ghent, also presented scholarship gifts to two VCOM students who Julie had supported on rotations and who happened to care for Julie while she was fighting COVID in the hospital. 

VCOM also hung a plaque in Clinical Affairs “in loving memory of a devoted leader in medical education, who touched the lives of countless 3rd & 4th year students. She made everlasting memories through her admirable character, her impeccable integrity, and her love for all those around her. Her servant’s heart and empathetic care exemplifies her compassion that others strive to emulate.”

The entire South Carolina AHEC System would like to thank VCOM for their remembrance of Julie and their recognition of her steadfast dedication to her students. She is greatly missed in the South Carolina AHEC family and beyond.

Mid-Carolina AHEC and Joe Ghent are working with VCOM to establish the Rural Matters Julie W. Ghent Scholarship fund. If you are interested in participating in this legacy honoring Julie’s memory and work, please contact Mid-Carolina AHEC Center Director Cheri Plyler at

Like so many others in our families, communities, and across the nation, this pandemic has been a time of separation and loss. Today we share sad news of a loss within our AHEC family: Julie Ghent, Health Professions Student Coordinator at Mid-Carolina AHEC. Julie passed away at the end of January due to complications from COVID-19. Her obituary details a life lived in service to others and love for those around her.   While soft spoken, Julie carried a fierce heart for the mission of AHEC and a dedication to the experiences and support of her students. She was loved by her family, community, and all of those who she worked with across the state. The loss of Julie is felt by many and she will be in our hearts and memories.   Please join us as we honor Julie as well as the many others who have been lost during this pandemic.


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