Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning Releases Primary Care Service Areas Map

The Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning in the South Carolina AHEC Program Office has released a data brief showcasing work done in collaboration with the South Carolina Office of Primary Care to identify naturally occurring primary care service areas in the state.  Primary care service areas (PCSAs) are small geographic areas that are relatively self-contained markets for primary care services. The 95 PCSAs identified in the study were developed using de-personalized 2013 billing data from the South Carolina State Employee Health Plan to identify patient travel patterns for primary care services.  Patient ZIP codes were matched with primary care provider ZIP codes to form the basis of the geographic service areas.

An interactive map is available as part of the data brief. Users can find the name of their local PCSA based on their ZIP code and click on that area in the map to learn about local population characteristics, selected health status measures in their community, and the availability of primary care providers. 

To access this publication, visit the OHW home page and click on the map in the Fast Facts section.

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