Tuesday, July 21, 2015

South Carolina Pharmacy Association Honors Officers of the Pee Dee Pharmacy Association

Jarrod Tippins, PharmD
Terry Blackmon, RPh

The South Carolina Pharmacy Association recently presented honors to Jarrod Tippins, PharmD, President of the Pee Dee Pharmacy Association, and Terry Blackmon, RPh, Treasurer of Pee Dee Pharmacy Association. Dr. Tippins was honored as the Distinguished Young Pharmacist for 2015 and Mr. Blackmon was honored as the South Carolina Pharamacist of the Year for 2015. Pee Dee AHEC co-sponsors monthly continuing professional education programs with the Pee Dee Pharmacy Association under the leadership of Dr. Tippins and Mr. Blackmon and congratulates them both on their honors!

For more information, please contact Kay Lambert, BSN, RN, Pee Dee AHEC Allied Health Education Coordinator at klambert@mcleodhealth.org

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